Divine Mercy

Todays posting is fresh off the drawing desk.

“Divine Mercy” is a pen a ink drawing done with a good old fashioned fine liner sharpie, well two of them, on a 12×18 piece of 300 lb watercolor paper.

Divine Mercy
Divine Mercy

The inspiration and original planning for this image stemmed from some digital based art practice where I was playing with shadows from fire. That practice drawing never got finished.

Then in recent history, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe V Wade and my home state (Indiana) really stretched to become the Capital of Gilead by being first to enact (as a new law-not a trigger law) a near total ban on abortion.

So I ended up putting ink to paper to call ducks, ducks.

Some creepy fun.

So the drawing I am putting on here today comes from a special place in my heart. That place is the dark hallway that houses all things creepy.

In the case of “The Rabbit”, We have a sexually aggressive man rabbit with a kitchen knife barging into your bedroom in middle of the night.

The Rabbit drawing
The Rabbit

Nothing remarkable artistically, but a lot of fun to draw. Not so fun to dream.

Worm Porn

This is one I drew a couple years ago during #inktober #drawlloween or whichever prompt based drawing challenge that I was working on. The prompt was nightcrawler.

Yes, I know that during a drawing challenge around Halloween, it is far more likely that they were looking for the cryptid from Fresno known for its short stature, long legs, and tiny upper body.

I also know that the Fresno Nightcrawler (or Fresno Alien) is probably the dumbest of all the cryptids. maybe even dumber than if you randomly combined two others and started a family for them.

On the other hand, who doesn’t love coming outside after a good rain and finding earthworms fucking in their yard?

Plus it was a good thing to draw while I was learning to shade with water color brush pens, and to work on using white gel pens to fake up some moisture.

worm porn
Worm Porn

Also, this was way more fun to draw than made sense. It was probably just my rotten core enjoying making a mockery of the prompt. A big part of my wiring is non cooperation for no good reason.

Early String Theory

This is a drawing I did a couple years ago with brush pens and fine points.

The title “Early String Theory” is a play on the modern movement in physics with the much older theory that three seamstress goddesses controlled the fate of man.

For those not familiar with these ladies, they are Clotho (“spinner”), Lachesis (“allotter”) and Atropos (“the unturnable”) and collectively they are known as the Three Fates (aka the Moirai). Clotho spinning your life, Lachesis measuring it, and Atropos cutting it off.

Early String Theory
Early String Theory

Murder Hawk

As I began my walk through at work today, I noticed more feathers than normal.

feathers on ground
Feathers on Ground

I thought, “Man those look like one of the pigeons got hit or something.”

pigeon feathers on ground
Pigeon Feathers on Ground

“Or looking at the blood, maybe a hawk got them.”

Blood drops and feathers
Blood drops and feathers

As I turn to the right I wonder, “Is it still hanging out?”

Red Tailed Hawk looking away
Red Tailed Hawk looking away

As the Hawk turns to announce that yes, she is.

Red Tailed Hawk profile
Red Tailed Hawk

I see those feathers, and OH! I may have missed the Hawk committing the murder, but I did find some incriminating evidence. Once again an animal looks at me like, “ARE YOU REALLY TAKING MY PIC WHILE I AM EATING?”

Red Tailed Hawk standing over its Breakfast Squab
Red Tailed Hawk standing over its Breakfast Squab

And while I was getting the last shot to confirm species… that Murder Hawk shook its tail feathers some.

Red Tailed Hawk Tail feather view
Red Tailed Hawk Tail feather view

Mirrored Moth

Today I noticed a moth on the window, so I snapped a couple pics and mashed them up. And you get a mirrored moth (well, kind of).

The moth is Anacamptodes defectaria , more commonly known as the “brown-shaded gray moth”.

Common Zinnia

So I may or may not have mentioned before that I like flowers. Never studied them, or learned much about them…. but I have always enjoyed them.

So of course I will share them here and there.

This red zinnia (Zinnia elegans) caught my eye today. How can you resist a flower with its own smaller flowers inside?