So cartoony…

One of the many attributes you will notice my work bears is that a lot of times it is very cartoony. The reason for that is simple. I love comic strips.

I love the way they look.

I love their social commentary.

I love the personality of the artists that comes through in them.

And I wish it wasn’t a dying art form. (thanks memes, way to kill your parents)

That said, the Sunday funny pages…and the weeklies, along with MAD magazine and Cracked, and comics like Groo the Wanderer; were my first muse and the first things I learned to draw. Everything I do is rooted in simple rounded shapes just like the artists in those sources.

Which brings me to the drawing I am gonna put up today.

“Socializing?” is a pen and ink piece I did after sitting in a bar and noticing that no one looked up from their phones…and this was back in 2009.

You will notice how dated it is by the fact that very few people have full screen phones. Most of them look like blackberries or the old text style phones.


At any rate, this is some of the kinds of stuff that will appear here.

I am nothing if not eclectic.